Strong phrase from Jimena Barón when questioned by Matías Palleiro: “I decided that those who deserve to appear have to appear”

After Jimena Baron make it clear on several occasions that Matías Palleiro -The man with whom she had started a relationship- is not her boyfriend, the The academy again had a sharp back and forth with Marcelo tinelli in which he returned to speak of the young man and surprised with his words: is not it more?

“You invented that (Palleiro) was my partner because you insist and insist,” Jimena launched, without turning. To which Tinelli retorted: “When I saw him on Bresh day with the camel and cigar covered, I thought ‘she’s dead with him and he’s the official boyfriend.’ I do not know if he disappeared from the networks or went to live in Alaska but he is no longer named”.

After listening to it, the singer launched a sharp phrase ¿dedicated to Matías?: “He wasn’t my boyfriend and he’s still not my boyfriend”. And he closed: “After some time, I decided that those who deserve to appear have to appear“.

What happens between Jimena Baron and Matías Palleiro?


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