Stronghold: Warlords: An overview of the siege weapons

The developers of Stronghold: Warlords introduce the siege weapons in more detail. There are trebuchets, grenade launchers and ballistae. It is also the first game in the series in which gunpowder is used in siege weapons, for example in the form of thunderbolt bombs, the Mrser or the Hwacha fire arrow car.

Firefly Studios: “What you probably don’t know is that stones and Chinese thunderbolt are not the only things you can shoot over 300 meters on January 26, 2021 … Right, sick animal ammunition returns to the series in Stronghold: Warlords! During that Humble Pig was mentioned early in our design documents as an intended option in siege warfare, we weren’t always sure which other animals would be lucky enough to make the cut. Join the Stronghold Discord community, the overwhelming majority in favor of Water Buffalo voted against hot competitors like the ‘Groen Trampeltier’ and ‘A horse with a sore throat’. “

In total, Stronghold: Warlords will offer ten siege weapons, 16 units and multiple defenses against sieges. The game will feature a multiplayer mode, free build, a skirmish mode and a 30-mission single player campaign.


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