Strongly filter out “artistic garbage”

My friend’s confusion surprised me. Obviously you’re right, but why ask such a question? Why is it so difficult to distinguish between right and wrong? Pure customs, cultural beauty of the nation are things we all learn and instill from a young age. Have we for a long time allowed performance activities contrary to our customs and traditions to develop so freely, that it is deeply rooted in the simple thinking of a section of the public? To the extent that many people think that such ways of doing, thinking, operating, and performing “like no other” are modern, radical, and in line with the trend of the times. They confuse open, creative thinking with deviant.

The public enjoys art in a fresh atmosphere and beautifies the soul and dignity of Vietnamese people. Illustration: VNA

The public enjoys art in a fresh atmosphere and beautifies the soul and dignity of Vietnamese people. Illustration: VNA

This story is even clearer when recently, the Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City issued a decision to impose a penalty of 110 million VND and suspend the performance of 18 months for Advertising and Communication Company Limited. Vietnamese fans for “using costumes, words, sounds, images, movements, means of expression, forms of performance, acts contrary to the nation’s fine customs and traditions” in the art performance program. Art SpaceSpeakers Live Concert-The Kosmik. This is the strongest move for performances since the Ministry of Information and Communications proposed to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Travel develop a process to handle when people operating in the field of art violate the law. Many opinions agree that this decision of Ho Chi Minh City contribute to healthy performing arts activities. Offensive practices like the SpaceSpeakers program need to be punished more severely to set an example for other programs. However, besides that, there are still sporadic opinions, saying that such performances are normal, the punishment is too heavy… They pointed out that there are still many times, many places of activities. Similar offensive performance, even more vulgarity has not been “touched”. They compare the performance of swimsuits in beauty contests is equally revealing and from the punishment with SpaceSpeakers, perhaps the audience can only listen and watch traditional music from now on… This controversy helps us We once again see more clearly the fact that many Vietnamese people are still confused about the concept of fine customs and traditions.

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Helping the public no longer be vague about this concept is a necessary job of the current authorities. This is also a way to remove the “junk grass”, so that the “artificial land” has a chance to develop healthy. As an art guide for the public, in addition to propagandizing more about cultural beauty, the managers of performing arts activities need to issue more punishments and be stronger with “trash” art”. Only then will the public and even art-makers better understand true art, and stay away from violations. However, in order to really do such art-oriented work, performing arts managers themselves need to equip themselves with a solid and rich knowledge base and the ability to flexibly and creatively criticize. transparently and timely so that all their sanctioning decisions are fair and thorough, contributing to helping the public enjoy art in a fresh atmosphere and beautifying the soul and dignity of Vietnamese people.

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