STS channel presented its line of big shows of the new season

In 2021, STS celebrates its 25th anniversary. In the jubilee season, a whole line of big shows will be released on the channel. It was presented at a large-scale presentation with the participation of stars in the concert hall “Academy” on September 16.

“25 years later, STS remains the first entertainment channel, leading in the target audience with an impressive lead over other channels. However, today we are competing for the attention of viewers not only with them, but also with online cinemas. At the same time, there is a unique territory in which television remains unrivaled – and these are large-scale shows. Our most daring experiment of this season is based on them – the launch of a new prime line, ”said Vyacheslav Murugov, CEO of STS at the event.

So, from Monday to Thursday at 20:00, viewers of the channel will be waiting for the legendary “Fort Boyard” with Sergey Burunov, “Complete Blackout” with Sergei Svetlakov, the sports and entertainment project “Russian Ninja”, as well as a new comedy and game show “Do not falter”, which will be headed by the three leading – Mikhail Galustyan, Valya Karnaval and Artur Babich.

In addition to adventure shows, a new humorous game from the creators of KVN will appear in the new season Super League, as well as a large sketch show by Sergei Svetlakov “Svoi!”

There are also surprises for the fans of the series. Elena Podkaminskaya will return to the channel with a new comedy “The wife of an oligarch”, and Nonna Grishaeva will delight you with space history “Helium-3”… The next premiere of STS will take place on September 20 – the comedy series Ready for Anything with Agnia Kuznetsova in the title role.

Also, viewers should wait for the series “Family” with Boris Dergachev and Olga Dibtseva, “Marta” with the young Vita Kornienko and “Salto-mortale” about alternative service in the circus. And of course, there will be sequels of serial hits: “Dyldy” with Pavel Derevyanko, “Rodk” with Viktor Horinyak, “Guests from the Past” with Yuri Stoyanov, “Roots” with Mark Bogatyrev and the culinary comedy “Senya Fedya”.

Ekaterina Volkova at the presentation of the new season of the STS channel. Photo: STS channel.

“I am especially looking forward to the series“ The Oligarch’s Wife ”and, of course, the show“ Complete Blackout ”, where Julia Kuvarzina and I shouted heartily together. But my daughter Lisa, a fan of the “College” project, will be glad to know about the second season of her favorite show, ”says actress Ekaterina Volkova.

Prokhor Chaliapin
Prokhor Chaliapin at the presentation of the new season of the STS channel. Photo: STS channel.

“It seems to me that STS is the only channel that has prepared so seriously for the new season. In terms of steepness, quality, quantity and variety of projects, the channel is definitely the best. Really cool and bright projects, emotional and modern, with a touch of today. This season STS has no equal! ” – added Prokhor Chaliapin.

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