Stuani silences Girona’s subconscious (1-1)

GIRONAWith the headaches of finding the ideal eleven, Michel clings to it with conviction. A point against Zaragoza (1-1) is not a big deal, but the coach has added much more than that: he is beginning to have tangible evidence that the story he wants to impose exists. Girona has an inexhaustible source of abundance in their midfield, when they are well. The company formed by Samu-Baena-Borja has been operating for three games now, creating triangulations that combine speed and precision. The team breathes safer, also in the back, knowing that for now they are the cushion that holds it all. Anyone knows it and looks for them. It would be the same as any of us did in the school yard: pass the ball to the good guys.

But you don’t win, and that weighs. One more week, Girona, who discovered the shield they will have from next season, came to the break with two goals disallowed that would have paved the way. There are already five in three days; it is called soon. Bustos and Aleix saw how they had to keep trying, because the VAR had justly denied them the advantage. If no one has ever put a red carpet on you, it won’t be the first day today.

As a result of the good work done by Michel’s people, as if it were a catalog, they resorted to different varieties of resources. To the taste of the consumer, so that no one complains. He needs to be given continuity, and he was put in it, denying that the tie was good and going for the win, without thinking if throwing himself into the void could have consequences, without thinking that emotionally he still does not have the strength he had. In a very fast play, problems: Vada drilled the net. Stuani would respond by silencing the subconscious, which feared the worst. A Uruguayan coup took justice in Montilivi.


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