Stuck in Mykolaiv since the start of the Russian invasion, Patrice crossed Ukraine to flee: “I’m landing in Gosselies tomorrow”

We were telling you about this 65-year-old retiree who was stuck in a town in southern Ukraine. We followed his journey and we called him back to Romania on Monday, where he is waiting safe and sound for a plane to bring him back.

Patrice, 65, had been taken aback and found himself stranded in Ukraine, in the city of Mykolaiv, between Crimea and Odessa: he was planning a return to Belgium on March 3, but like many in Ukraine had not planned for Russia to completely invade Ukraine and not just the separatist territories. On March 24, he found himself stuck almost overnight.

La DH has regularly followed the situation of this Courcellois, and good news: he is safe in Romania, and he will be back on Belgian soil on Tuesday morning if all goes well. In a video call this Monday morning, he told us about his journey to cross Ukraine.

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