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Student cries because they say “partner” and not “partner” during virtual class | Viral video | Trends | Mexico | nnda nnrt | SOCIAL NETWORKS

Through the , a video was released in which a non-binary young woman expresses her frustration by asking that her identity be respected during a virtual class. “I am not your partner, I am your partner”said the girl tearfully, whose video soon went viral.

Apparently, Max Carvajal, one of those present, called the young woman identified as Andrea Escamilla “companion”. This outraged the girl, who demanded that they refer to her with respect. “Sorry, an apology, mate”said the young man who, after asking for forgiveness, continued with his participation.

In the recording it can be seen that Escamilla has the pronouns “elle / he” in parentheses and next to her name in Zoom, thus indicating to those present how she preferred to be called. Despite this, the clip generated controversy on social networks, not only because of the young woman’s reaction, but also because of the use of inclusive language.

Through his TikTok account, user Luis Hernández, a student in the class, explained that the discussion began in the middle of a presentation on suicide, where a teacher mentioned that depression did not distinguish socioeconomic status, religion, gender. But when mentioning “gender”, the young woman pointed out through the chat that gender is not the same as sex.

The students deviated from the topic, began to discuss gender identity and the debate, later, ended up moving to social networks with positions for and against.

What is a viral video?

a It is the recording that is being a trend on social networks and on the Internet in general. They are shorts that can be both professionally produced as well as recorded from your own home and that in a few seconds are shared by thousands or millions of users, gaining a high rate of reproductions.

The , for the most part, they tend to show people’s lives in their most sincere state, which leads to empathize the user who is watching that clip at that moment and encourages them to share it with all their friends on the walls of their social networks.

We also have the of animals, which usually always appear on the platforms since it is a so-called ‘Win to Win’ according to the web portal , so it is not surprising that these recordings appear all the time on the Internet.



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