Students play “Who gets the virus first”

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SStudents in the American state of Alabama are said to have celebrated corona parties in order to consciously infect each other with the virus. In a kind of game, they vied about who would catch the pathogen first, media reported, citing Sonya McKinstry, city councilor in Tuscaloosa. The organizers had invited guests who had previously tested positive for the virus. Then the students would have lumped money together. Those who first contracted Covid-19 received cash. “There’s no point,” McKinstry said. “They do that on purpose.”

Tuscaloosa’s fire chief Randy Smith told the city council Tuesday that his colleagues could confirm the participation of some students in such parties. The young people would have known that they were infected. First, the fire department thought that the parties were rumors. After some research, officials had come to the conclusion that they were a reality. Doctors’ offices could also confirm this.

The daily “Tuscaloosa News” quoted the local doctor Ramesh Peramsetty as saying that rumors of corona parties had been circulating for around a month. When his nurses selected patients for corona testing, they learned about the house parties, he said. College students even showed videos of the fetuses to his employees.

When the students were called to share their results, they noticed that some were very excited and happy that their test was positive. Others were very upset because they had a negative outcome, said Peramsetty.



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