Studies: Corona vaccines improve male reproductive health

Istanbul – Scientific studies conducted by Turkish academics and experts on the effect of vaccines developed against the Corona virus, on the male reproductive system, have shown that these vaccines increase the number of sperm.

Head of the Andrology Department at Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, Honorary President of the Turkish Andrology Society, Professor Dr. Atish Kadioglu, said that although the Corona virus is able to transmit to both men and women, the rate of infections that are subject to treatment in intensive care centers is higher. in men.

Kadioglu stated that he conducted research on the effects of the Corona virus on women and men and the male reproductive system, and that those studies showed that the difference in the impact of the Corona virus on men and women is due to the difference in the percentage of the male hormone testosterone.

Kadioglu pointed out that testosterone, which is 20 times more in men than in women, affects the level of some enzymes required for the virus to enter the cell.

The professor explained that the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 receptor is found in some organs such as the lung, testicle, heart, bladder and kidneys, and that the testicles were also affected, especially in men infected with the Corona virus to a moderate and severe degree.

He pointed out that the rate of testicular infection in young people is higher than in the elderly, especially in men aged 30 years compared to those at the age of 70, and that infection with the Corona virus may cause the virus to settle in the testicle, causing infections.

He continued: “Changes occur in sperm cells, testis and testosterone-producing cells. As a result, 1 in 4 men experience a decrease in sperm count, volume and motility. At the same time, testosterone decreases.

He added, “During the studies that we conducted in the laboratories of the Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, a decrease in the percentage of testosterone was observed in those who were infected with the Corona virus, and that the percentage of the hormone was slightly lower in those with severe infection. The Corona virus itself causes a decrease in the number of sperm in men and some problems with having children.”

  • Research refutes claims that “vaccine may cause infertility”

Kadioglu stated that some people are promoting claims that “the vaccine may cause sterility,” noting that studies conducted in the laboratories of Istanbul University School of Medicine show the exact opposite.

He added: “There are many studies on vaccines. One of them was conducted in the United States. Approximately 45 patients were included in this study. Half of them are vaccinated with BioNTech, the other half with Moderna, and then a semen analysis is done before and 70 days after vaccination.”

And he added: “The aforementioned tests showed an increase in the amount of semen, the number of sperms, and their motility. It was observed that the sperm counts increased more in men with low sperm counts, which led to their sperm counts reaching the normal range.”

He continued, “The same tests were done on men who applied to the IVF center in Israel because of a low sperm count. Similarly, the positive effect of the vaccine on the increase in sperm count was observed.”

Kadioglu stressed that there is no reason to fear the use of anti-Coronavirus vaccines, but on the contrary, this vaccine has positive effects on reproductive health.

  • Sperm count improvement

In turn, a specialist in urology in the famous Basaksehir “Cham and Sakura” medical city, Professor Dr. Abdulmutallab Şimşek, said that the Corona virus causes negative effects on the urinary system, causing a dangerous decrease in the number of sperms and affecting various cells in the testicles.

Şimşek stated to the Anatolia correspondent, that this effect appears more in the urinary tracts of those who have been infected with the Corona virus severely or moderately.

He added: “The virus negatively affects sexual functions by disrupting the structure of blood vessels. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to avoid infection with the Corona virus first and then protect ourselves from infection by taking the necessary doses of vaccines.”

Şimşek confirmed that the studies conducted in the medical city of Basaksehir, “Cham and Sakura” on people who received the necessary doses of Corona vaccines, showed a significant improvement in the number, activity and movement of sperm, noting that the studies showed that the vaccines left the recipients with positive effects on health. reproductive.

Şimşek also pointed out that an anatomical study conducted in China on a group of males who lost their lives due to infection with corona showed that the virus caused a serious deterioration in the health of sperm-producing cells.

He pointed out that the study showed at the same time the positive effect of corona vaccines on the male reproductive system.

He concluded: “The study included another small group of 8 people who had a low sperm count under normal conditions. After vaccination, sperm analysis returned to normal in 7 of the 8 patients. That is, the vaccine does not deteriorate the reproductive system, as some people claim, but on the contrary, it has a positive impact on reproductive health.” Anatolia

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