Study links a ‘new cause’ of Alzheimer’s disease

A recent study, conducted on hundreds of thousands of people, revealed that one out of every 3 people recovering from the Covid-19 virus, experienced severe symptoms 3 to 6 months after infection, such as breathing problems, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and even stress, anxiety and depression.

Researchers at Oxford University, the National Institute for Health Research in the United Kingdom, and the Oxford Center for Biomedical Research studied symptoms in more than 270,000 people recovering from the virus, as they monitored 9 signs of long-term Covid-19 infection, in patients whose cases of infection with the virus necessitated their transfer to the hospital. Hospitals, more often in women.

Dr. Max Takee, from the National Institute for Health Research, one of the study’s authors, said that the results prove that the long-term Covid affects a large proportion of patients of all ages, stressing that this calls for the provision of “appropriately prepared services to deal with current and future clinical needs.”

While the study did not explain the causes of long-term Covid symptoms, their severity or how long they last, it confirmed that people who recover from the virus were more susceptible to those long-term symptoms than those who had other diseases such as influenza, for example.

Amitava Banerjee, a professor at University College London, considered that “this result is another arrow in the face of lawsuits that consider the Corona virus to be just an infection like influenza.”

According to CNN, the symptoms varied among patients, as many of them suffered from more than one symptom, and while the elderly and men were more likely to have breathing difficulties and cognitive problems, young people and women complained of headaches, abdominal pain, anxiety and depression.

Although these symptoms appeared more often among the elderly, and those who were already suffering from other diseases, the authors of the study pointed out that young people, children and those who suffered from mild diseases were also exposed to the long-term effects of Covid.

The data showed that up to 46% of children and young adults, ages 10 to 22, experienced at least one symptom within the next six months after recovering from COVID-19.

According to “CNN”, this study highlights the importance of protecting children and young people from the risk of infection with the virus.

For example, cases of infection among children in the United States have increased since the “Delta” became the dominant strain in the country in July, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recorded 206,864 weekly cases among children, Monday, an increase of 188% from the previous two months.

This data comes as Pfizer-Biontech said, on Tuesday, that it has begun submitting vaccine data for children aged 5 to 11 years to the US Food and Drug Administration for review, with an application for an emergency use authorization expected in the coming weeks. .

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