Study results on corona infection report late consequences

Over is not over: Many Covid-19 victims stay behind in despair and many far away from work because they cannot overcome excruciating exhaustion.

The infection subsides, but Covid-19 continues to torment – sometimes for months. About the long-term effects of a new syndrome that is a burden on society and raises many questions.

EMost of them survive an infection with the new coronavirus. But survival is one thing, surviving the infection is another. Some people are only bothered by the pathogen for a short time or not at all, while others suffer for months from exhaustion, shortness of breath, headaches, heart palpitations and sleep disorders, to name just a few of the most common symptoms. What gives doctors a particular headache: Such persistent long-term consequences – in short: “Long Covid” – plague not only patients with severe, but also those with mild infection. Even if you do not notice the infection, you obviously cannot be sure of escaping the long shadow of Sars-CoV-2. At least the results of several studies speak in favor of this.

At the beginning of the week, figures from the health insurance company DKV became known, according to which eleven percent of 5735 of their fully insured customers were so ill that they had to be treated in hospital. Many previously perfectly healthy people suddenly required treatment for longer. According to the health insurer, the treatment costs for Covid 19 victims who were considered recovered after their stay in the clinic were on average 50 percent higher than before the illness. In the journal “Annals of Internal Medicine” American doctors reported on the follow-up of 1,250 patients who had been discharged from 38 clinics. Two months after completing Covid 19 therapy, 40 percent said they could not go to work yet. Irish researchers from Trinity College in Dublin write in the online journal “PlosOne” about “postviral exhaustion” in 67 of 128 people infected with corona – ten weeks after the first symptoms and largely independent of the severity of their Covid 19 disease.


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