Study reveals major knowledge gaps on the subject of antibiotics – Switzerland

(mg) Antibiotic consumption in Switzerland is still not really falling. As a federal report published on Tuesday shows, consumption in human medicine remains roughly the same as in previous years. There are currently numerous efforts to reduce consumption, which reduces the risk of resistant bacteria.

And these are a problem worldwide: Such resistant bacteria can “only be treated with difficulty or sometimes not at all”, as the statement from the Federal Office of Public Health says. At the same time, a study was also carried out among the Swiss population and it reveals gaps in knowledge: almost a third of all Swiss people surveyed believe that antibiotics also help against viruses.

Only around a third keep the instructions

The study also showed that “only 38 percent of those questioned who had taken antibiotics in the past 12 months stopped taking them as instructed”. At the same time, 86 percent of all respondents correctly answered the question that taking antibiotics unnecessarily reduces their effectiveness.

The results in agriculture are more positive. “In veterinary medicine, the consumption of antibiotics continues to decline,” says the message. The verdict on the data on resistance is divided: in some bacteria, antibiotic resistance has increased significantly, while in others it has remained stable or has decreased. All of this leads to the conclusion that “curbing antibiotic resistance needs further efforts”.


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