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Study: These “health conditions” reduce the risk of corona infection

A new study shows that Moderna’s vaccine is slightly more effective than its Pfizer/Piontech counterpart, at least with respect to the alpha and delta variants, even though they use the same mRNA-based technique.

The results indicate studying, Conducted by researchers at Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Veterans Administration, and published in the New England Journal of Medicine, people who received the Moderna vaccine were slightly less likely to develop COVID-19 and its complications, and even risk of death.

Of the 3,103,470 veterans who received their first dose of various vaccines against the emerging corona virus, 367,000 of them had received the Pfizer vaccine, while 397 thousand received the Moderna vaccine.

The study chose 219,842 of those who received the Pfizer vaccine, and the same number of those who received the Moderna vaccine, between the period from the fourth of last January and the first of July, to conduct the study on them.

During that period, the alpha mutation was dominant, during which researchers recorded 4.52 infections per thousand participants in the study who received the Moderna vaccine, while 5.75 per thousand were infected among those who received the Pfizer vaccine.

The average follow-up period was 126 days, i.e. over a period of 24 weeks, during which 258 people who received the Pfizer vaccine were documented, compared to 153 who received the Moderna analog.

And 77 people who received Pfizer were placed in intensive care, compared to 48 who received Moderna, while 43 who received Pfizer died, compared to 38 who received Moderna.

The researchers also conducted the study during the period of dominance of the delta mutant, from the first of July to last September, noting that the rates of infection with the emerging coronavirus did not change among those who received the Moderna vaccine, which is about 4.52 out of every thousand people, while an infection was recorded. 6.54 out of every thousand in the group that received the Pfizer vaccine.

The study indicates that both vaccines are highly effective against the Corona virus, “however, these results may be meaningful to decision-making bodies such as health care systems and when looking at the population range in which these vaccines are deployed,” according to lead author Barbara Dickerman, a professor at Epidemiologist and researcher at Harvard University.

The study was conducted before the spread of the new mutant, “Omicron”, “which means that more research is needed to evaluate the effectiveness of both vaccines against the recent mutations,” according to Dickermann.

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