Stupor and outrage over a man who raped a homeless woman

This new case of sexual abuse In Colombia, it is dismayed not only because the victim is part of a highly vulnerable population, but because, as rarely, the aggressor’s action was completely recorded from beginning to end.

Another thing that draws attention is that a media outlet decides to publish the images that, although blurred In an attempt to minimize the impact of the execrable action, they reveal in its entirety how the crime was carried out.

Impress the way the perpetrator takes advantage of the defenseless state in which the street dweller finds herself in a door next to a commercial premises, and reduces it quickly.

Occurred last tuesday night, on Calle 17 with Carrera 7 de Ciénaga, indicates the report he made of the fact Today Magdalena Diary.

The aggressor came to that place and He pulled his victim out of his place, and then throw it on the tile floor.

‘Helen’, as the newspaper of the Magdalena what is the woman’s name, put up resistance, but was finally subdued by her attacker, which in the first instance can be said to be of slim build, wore a light T-shirt, a rolled-up blue jeans, was barefoot and covered his head with a red cap.

In the video, recorded by a security camera of a drugstore, according to the same medium, it is clear that the victim yells for help but gets no response.

The woman, in a clearly famished state, also He hits the man as best he can and slaps him without being able to get rid of him. His inferiority enables the aggressor to consume his attack.

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his nightmare lasts almost two and a half minutes, an eternity that was recorded in the video and that is already in the power of the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office to find the whereabouts of the perpetrator.


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