Style: The Queen of England is a fashion icon

From the 1940s to the late 1960s, Elisabeth II was a fashionable woman who inspired her contemporaries. And then, the times change suddenly, among other things under the impetus of the sexual revolution. So she almost becomes a caricature of herself, the embodiment of the past.

In the fourth installment of “The Crown”, which began airing this week on Netflix, the sovereign is confronted by two women during the 1980s: Margaret Thatcher and Lady Di. The confrontation also revolves around the looks of the three protagonists. The series perfectly reproduces the original outfits of the Queen, the Prime Minister and the Princess of Wales.

The first seems frozen in patterns and colors that blend into the tapestries of its palaces. The second combines determination and authority in her shouldered suits, an impression accentuated by her inflated Elnett-style hair helmet. The third is a fragile little butterfly who transforms into a movie star by slipping into sexy evening dresses. At this time of her life, the Queen of England is less popular than at the beginning of her reign. Her subjects prefer more modern figures such as the head of government and her stepdaughter, Diana.

It was not until the twenty-first century and the disappearance of her two rivals for Elizabeth II to rework with her people. To prove her good will, she even went so far as to attend a fashion show by designer Richard Quinn at London Fashion Week in 2018. For the occasion, she was enthroned next to the chilling empress of fashion, Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of “Vogue”. It didn’t take much for her to once again become an icon in this industry. We realize this perfectly from reading «Her Majesty». This new book, edited by Taschen, brings together superb photos of the sovereign taken from 1926 to the present day. On one of them, we (re) see her, glamorous in 1956, bare shoulders in her velvet dress ready to eclipse Marilyn Monroe, breast offered in a gold lamé sheath.

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