Su Bingtian wins the Olympic trials in 9 seconds 98. Yan Haibin and Sui Gaofei refresh the PB_finals

Original title: Su Bingtian won the Olympic trial in 9 seconds 98. Yan Haibin and Sui Gaofei refreshed the PB

On June 11, Beijing time, the 2021 National Track and Field Championships and Olympic Trials in Shangyu, Zhejiang ended the men’s 100-meter trapeze. The 31-year-old born-80s Asian trapeze Su Bingtian won the championship in 9 seconds 98 (+0.8 meters per second), Xie Zhenye Get the runner-up in 10 seconds and 15 seconds. This is the second time that Su Bingtian has broken the 10-second mark this season, and it is also the seventh time in his career that he ran into 10 seconds. The 18-year-old newcomer Yan Haibin won the third place with 10.22 seconds, surpassing his newly created personal best of 10.23 seconds in the morning preliminaries. The 20-year-old Jiangsu rookie Sui Gaofei finished sixth with 10.30 seconds and also refreshed his previous 10.38 seconds. PB.

Su Bingtian is the first Asian local flying man to break the 10-second mark in 100 meters. He ran 9.99 seconds in the Eugene Diamond League at the end of May 2015. Subsequently, Su Bingtian reached the men’s 100m finals twice in the 2015 World Championships in Beijing and 2017 World Championships in London. In the 2018 season, Su Bingtian ran twice to tie the Asian record of 9.91 seconds, and won the men’s 100m championship with 9.92 seconds at the Jakarta Asian Games.

After the 2019 Doha World Championships, Su Bingtian was affected by injuries and did not participate in any official competitions throughout the 2020 season. At the Shenzhen station on April 20 this year, Su Bingtian ran a 10.05 Olympics. At the Zhaoqing station in Guangdong at the end of April, Su Bingtian won the championship with 9 seconds 98 (-0.9 m/s) and opened the 10-second mark for the sixth time. This result ranked first in the world at that time.

In this morning’s men’s 100m preliminaries, Su Bingtian ranked first with 10.13 seconds (-0.4m/s), and Fujian’s Tang Xingqiang ranked second with 10.22 seconds, greatly refreshing his previous PB of 10.30. The 18-year-old Guangdong rookie Yan Haibin ranked third in the preliminaries with 10.23. He also refreshed his personal best of 10.27 last month. Xie Zhenye ranked fourth in the preliminaries with 10.27 seconds.

In the finals, Xu Zhouzheng was on the 2nd road and He Yuhong on the 3rd road, Su Bingtian and Xie Zhenye were on the 4th and 5th roads respectively, and Yan Haibin was on the 6th road. However, when the game started, He Yuhong did not participate in the final due to a slight strain. After the start of the game, Su Bingtian took the lead to immediately establish an advantage, and Xie Zhenye worked hard to catch up behind him. Su Bingtian continued to maintain his advantage during the run and crossed the finish line as the first place.

The on-site electronic scoreboard showed that Su Bingtian’s score was 9.97 seconds, and Su Bingtian’s winning score was revised to 9.98 seconds after the match. Su Bingtian’s starting reaction time today was 0.137, and he was the fastest starter among all finalists. Both Tang Xingqiang and Wu Zhiqiang ran 10.23 seconds, and they finished 4th and 5th respectively. Even Xu Zhouzheng, who participated as a test, also ran a good result of 10.32 seconds.

In the women’s 100m final that ended earlier, Ge Manqi won the championship in 11.19 seconds (-0.6 meters per second). The national team’s main player Kong Lingwei was sent off for a start. Liang Xiaojing won the runner-up in 11.32 seconds. Hunan’s Huang Guifen finished third with 11.44. Veteran Wei Yongli finished sixth with 11.60.Return to Sohu to see more


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