Suarez: I love Barcelona, ​​and I always communicate with Messi

Luis Suarez, former Barcelona and Atletico Madrid star, talks about his relationship with his club, which he abandoned last summer!

Luis Suarez, the former Barcelona and Atletico Madrid star, confirmed his great love for his Catalan team, with whom he won the only Champions League in his career.

This came in press statements made by the player, during which he confirmed that his relationship with Lionel Messi, the captain of the team, is still going on until now, and they communicate on a daily basis.

Suarez said: “From my first day as a soccer player, my wife Sophie was next to me, when I scored my first goal and now after I scored my 500th goal.”

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He added: “Messi is more than giving me the chances to score, but I must remember Alves and Alba as well, and I think that my goal with the heel to join Mallorca is the best, but I have many great goals with Ajax, Liverpool and Uruguay as well.”

And he added about Lionel: “He is a great player. I am in constant contact with him and we talk about football matters and comment on some of the meetings.”

“He is a very good player and has great potential. I told him to enjoy playing alongside the best players in the world and to take advantage of his presence in Barcelona.”

Turning to talk about his relationship with Barcelona: “I watch all Barcelona matches, I love that team, and I like watching beautiful football, and my friends are there, and I will remain grateful all the time to this club.”

It is worth noting that Suárez ranks second this season in the La Liga scorer table with 19 goals, behind Barcelona captain Lionel Messi and four goals difference for the last, who has 23 goals.


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