Subject recovers from a snake bite: He has already overcome Covid-19, dengue and malaria

A British man who surpassed the Covid-19, dengue and malaria, if it is recovering from a snake bite life-threatening condition that he suffered in the state of Rajasthan in India.

The affected, identified as Ian Jones, was bitten by a cobra in the rural district of Jodhpur, being transferred to Medipulse Hospital and released days later, according to the media. Clarion.

“Jones entered the establishment last week after a snake bite in a town in the region. Initially it was suspected that he also had Covid-19 (for the second time) but finally it tested negative “, indicated his treating doctor Abhishek Tater.

The health official also noted that “while he was hospitalized, he was conscious and had snakebite symptoms, including blurred vision and difficulty walking, but these are generally transitory symptoms.”

Jones, who according to the doctor you should not have any problems after discharge, works with traditional artisans in Rajasthan and helps them export their products to Great Britain.


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