Subjects Wanted for Murder Arrested in Georgia | Law

Agents from the Office of the Federal Marshals and the Puerto Rico Police arrested two subjects who were wanted on murder charges in Atlanta, Georgia.

These were identified as Carlos Ivey and Dwayne Brewer, both Atlanta residents. The duo traveled to the island last September.

Ivey and Brewer were located in vacation areas of Rincon and Aguadilla. After several days in the western area, they returned to San Juan.

Ivey was arrested on Loíza Street and Brewer on Ashford Avenue.

Both will be taken to the Police Arrests and Extraditions unit, where they will face an extradition process to Georgia.


4 thoughts on “Subjects Wanted for Murder Arrested in Georgia | Law”

  1. I would like to say I’m sorry to the family of Mr. Keegan. It appears my son has been implicated in this crime, I’m hoping to reach my son to try and convince him to tell what he knows, again my condolences

    • I sincerely hope these two are brought to justice. I’m sorry for you, I am certain you thought you raised your son right. But his actions have torn a family apart. A mother and father in agony, desperate for answers. I am sure you understand this. As a father.

    • Imagine what his parents are going through? Your son has torn a family apart and caused unbearable pain and suffering. He deserves whatever he gets.


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