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submit your songs “to forget that you are between four walls”


Which song would you take to a desert island? That’s usually the ritual question of pushing someone to make a final musical choice. Total loneliness to listen to only one sound, for eternity. Fun scenario for the occasional music lover, but a torture, and lists filled with erasures for the one who considers music as a vital link to the soul.

In our new confined reality, musical routines have been severely shifted. We no longer listen the same way, at the same times, or with the same people. There are no more concerts, no more parties, no more communion between bodies and sounds. We may not be listening to the same things at all, or so, but more for the same reasons.

We no longer fantasize about the deserted island, and to find out the importance of a song, an album, a mix or a cover-up on YouTube, here is the question we want to ask yourself now: in what capacity do you hang on while you are locked up at home?

Help us compose playlists

Even if the confined time seems to stretch, it is not infinite. What seems to be, however, is the amount of sound ready to listen to from your sofa, bed, kitchen. To your physical collection, your playlists scattered on streaming sites (even if online listening is paradoxically decreasing) and to the billions of songs in the cloud, we must add all the artists that confinement has motivated to release new releases, to reinvent oneself in front of a camera or even outright to resuscitate.

Like Bob Dylan, with his first novelty in seventeen years, or Pearl Jam and their first album in seven years. Like Nine Inch Nail, who released two albums, or Metallica, with a new concert put online every Monday. Those who are in need of sweet pop can see concerts from the living room of Keren Ann or Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie, and those who dream of rave have a Club Quarantäne via distance learning. And there is Dua Lipa, Nicolas Jaar and revivals of Johnny Cash, Marvin Gaye and Nina Simone. And even Jean-Jacques Goldman.

There is no shortage of choices, but what interests us most are yours. So testify, tell us about your broken musical habits, what has changed, what you are missing, what you have rediscovered, be it names, styles or ways of listening.

And help us compose playlists, because there’s nothing more rewarding than being amazed by music that a stranger gives you.

Send a testimonial (if you want) or just a proposal (one song per person, all tastes are allowed) to [email protected]

We have imagined three themes for three playlists. The call for contributions will be relayed on the live Our confined lives all next week, with the next two playlists, which you will then discover.

We start this weekend with this theme:

“The song to forget that you are between four walls”

The choice of the house:

“At First Sight”,Alessandro Cortini & Daniel Avery, sound ranges that expand so much that you end up being gently absorbed into it. You do not escape by flying, but by entering a little more in yourself.

Good participation, good listening. And keep in mind this sentence by Alain Damasio: “ Music is like the wind, it never stops, it’s us who stop listening. “


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