Successful Rocket Launch: Grégoire Satellite Built in Belgium Takes Commercial Space Missions to New Heights

2023-06-18 12:19:00

Several satellites were put into orbit this week, during a new Space X mission. Among these, a device was built in Belgium, at Mont-Saint-Guibert. “Grégoire” is a device intended for commercial use. This successful launch was eagerly awaited by its manufacturer but also by its potential customers.

Another successful takeoff for the Falcon 9 rocket, in California. This mission, led by the company Space X, had black yellow red looks. It made it possible to place the “Grégoire” satellite in orbit, at an altitude of 525 km.

1 meter long, a hundred kilos, the device was built here by Aerospacelab. This is a real source of pride for this Walloon company: “That represents a hundred people who work for two years. We see the fruit of the work leave with the rocket. Once it is injected into its orbit, we take control of the satellite and there, we see if it works. In this case, it works, so we are really very happy“, rejoices Benoit Deper, the founder of Aerospacelab.

What will Gregory be used for?

Grégoire is, in a way, a demonstration satellite. By proving its reliability, it will attract potential customers such as start-ups or aeronautical groups or even governments who will use it for telecommunications and earth observation. “We are not doing science with this satellite, but we are demonstrating that we manage to make satellites that are several orders of magnitude cheaper“, explains Benoit Deper.

This successful launch will allow Aerospacelab to grow further: “We have quite a few commercial orders that were awaiting this demonstration, which we will be able to materialize in contracts for direct and indirect employment and growth for the Louvain-la-Neuve and Charleroi plant.

Two other satellites were to be sent before the end of the year. With these demonstrations, the company hopes to build up to 500 satellites per year by 2027.

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