Successfully ended the first day of the II forum of education leaders organized by Perfil

The final panel was made up of leading academics and figures in the field of education who presented ideas and reflected on the main challenges that teaching will have in our post-pandemic country from Casa Sarmiento under the authority of the San Juan government. The panel was moderated by Rodrigo Lloret, director of Perfil Educación, in which Felipe Pigna, Samuel Cabanchik, Mabel Bianco and Daniel Filmus participated in direct transmission by

At the beginning of the block, the prestigious historian Felipe Pigna indicated that “we must take note of what tele-education and distance education mean. I think it is a great opportunity to democratize teaching. It also served to make the boys visible, having them on the screen appear more visible and they too see themselves on the screen and are more encouraged to participate ”. Observing the educational effects of the pandemic, he said that it must be realized that the pandemic gave some alternative solutions, such as technology, although face-to-face is not essential.

On the other hand, Mabel Bianco was more critical and sentenced: “I am not as optimistic as Pigna in the face of those that the pandemic left us in education. The most terrible thing was to clarify inequality, in a country where 60% of boys and girls live below the poverty line, how could we expect these boys to be able to resume and continue education, compared to a system in which Which ones had to resort to methods they don’t have?

With a well-defined line, the gender defender of the Editorial Perfil explained that more than 90% were women who helped, both at high and low levels. “This is the balance that the pandemic leaves us, and that is why it is so important to solve certain urgent deficits. For example, comprehensive sexuality education is not prioritized, which could have really helped us to see the inequality between men and women. In addition, we must improve education in technology not only for secondary, tertiary and university levels, but also at the primary and preschool levels, ”adding that there is a great debt of the entire society.

Samuel Cabanchick, Argentine philosopher and poet affirmed that education should once again be a reason of state, as they were in the foundational times with public policies. “We need slogans, educating is building citizenship, perhaps there may be a majority agreement. There is no social life without order and there is no adequate order unless it is oriented towards the recent inclusion of the excluded. We are in an opportunity of re-foundations to renew national projects. The extraordinary importance of an alliance between family and school has been seen. For the work of the home, of the families and of the mothers who have had to be teachers like never before ”, he asserted.

The last speaker in charge of closing the first day was the former Minister of Education Daniel Filmus: “The pandemic presents us with a very interesting challenge. When school is not there, inequalities deepen. In our society 2 out of 3 boys are below the poverty line. The challenge of the school is based on how it can do to compensate so much social inequality, it is a political issue in which place it is put to education. If we have a society concerned with education with state policies, it is easier. It goes beyond whether establishments are open or closed because inequality is prior and is located in the social structure.

For the day tomorrow that begins at 9 o’clock, the participation of the ministers of education from all over the country, rectors of public and private universities and the grand closing by the organizers of the event with the intervention of the National Minister of Education, Nicolás Trotta and the President, Alberto Fernandez. You can follow the live broadcast on

The II Forum of Leaders for Education is a Profile initiative that has the support of Unicef ​​and the UBA.

Gonzalo Aragon and Clara Tasende

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