Suddenly, Anang Hermansyah alludes to Ariel NOAH & BCL’s wedding – Anang Hermansyah recently made a statement that shocked the public.

How could I not, the husband of Ashanty mentioned Ariel NOAH’s marriage with Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL).

This was conveyed by Anang Hermansyah in the X Factor Indonesia Youtube show which was uploaded on December 24, 2021.

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Initially, the judges of X Factor Indonesia asked a contestant from Balikpapan named Fitriani Nur curcol, who apparently only got married one week ago.

Suddenly, Anang asked Ariel Noah and BCL about marriage, who are also the judges of X Factor Indonesia.

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“This is newly married, so when is this getting married?” asked Anang while pointing Ariel Noah and BCL.

“Why me,” said Ariel NOAH.

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Seeing the commotion, BCL couldn’t help but laugh.

Watch this video:


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