Suddenly poor suddenly rich: SAT.1 completely stops broadcasting after scandal

Suddenly poor suddenly rich
SAT.1 completely ceases broadcast after Eklat

Matthias Distel, in Cologne at the beginning of 2020

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After the scandal about “Suddenly poor, suddenly rich”, SAT.1 has now pulled the rip cord and completely removed the program from the program.

After the scandal over the program “Suddenly poor, suddenly rich”, SAT.1 decided to take the program out of the program completely. That gave the station known on Instagram. Matthias Distel (44), better known to many as singer Ikke Hüftgold, had previously publicly made serious allegations against the broadcaster and the responsible production company Imago TV Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH and later even filed criminal charges.

“SAT.1 has decided to end the program with immediate effect,” says a statement published on Instagram. The processing of the last shoot was still going on, but it is clear that “mistakes have occurred here for which we apologize from the public and the family”. Those in charge of the station had also come to the decision that the program no longer “fits the SAT.1, which we want to develop further together with and for our viewers,” it continues. So there would be no new episodes. Even episodes that have already been produced would no longer be broadcast.

“The top priority is the well-being of the children and the family, with whom we are in close contact. Even in the months ahead, we will support the family financially and personally in the best possible way”, the broadcaster continues. The goal has never been to hurt people: “Our self-image includes the willingness to change things and improve ourselves. We will continue to work on that.”

The production company also spoke up. In a press statement by the managing partner Andrea Schönhuber it is said: “Imago TV is behind SAT.1’s decision to discontinue the” Suddenly poor, suddenly rich “format after the controversial public debate of the past few days. We particularly regret that that a family involved in the filming has been drawn into the public dispute. We are still in contact with the family and, above all, wish the children that they hear as little as possible of these disputes. “

Matthias Distel accuses the makers of this

In “Suddenly poor, suddenly rich”, a wealthy family swaps for a week with a socially weaker family. Thistle had earlier in the week in a 20 minute long video Unbelievable allegations were raised against the makers of the TV format on Instagram. In the statement that is in the written form can also be found on his website, says Distel, among other things, of “scandalous circumstances” and accuses the broadcaster and the production company that the well-being “of two seriously traumatized children […] was trampled underfoot by the responsible media outlets “.

After entering the apartment for the first time, he had to cry “at the sight of these conditions” in which the family lives. While looking at a calendar there, it turned out that both the youngest children and the mother of the family are undergoing psychological treatment. Production knew about the treatment of the children.

He goes on to explain: “We immediately asked whether children between the ages of 8 and 10, who obviously have psychological problems, can legally and morally be drawn into a television format […]”After the singer later found out, through a friend of his mother’s in front of the camera,” that the children were said to have suffered severe child abuse in the past from their actual father, “he immediately stopped filming and paid a few days in Limburg later then criminal charges against Sat.1 and Imago TV.


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