Suicide of Maëlle in Jumet after the broadcast of her intimate videos: the hearings begin at the Charleroi juvenile court

Maëlle, a 14-year-old teenager from Jumet, ended her life on January 30, 2020. The young woman was the victim of bullying at school. Following this drama, the Charleroi prosecutor’s office had opened an investigation. Numerous hearings were carried out and computer equipment was used. Three young people are being pursued.

This Thursday, a 14-year-old girl is heard. She is being prosecuted for disclosing and distributing child pornography videos and for harassment. The other two young people will be heard during two other hearings.

This morning, the lawyer for Maëlle’s father, Pierre Huet, explained to RTL INFO that the young girl had made a “testament” video: “It’s a relief, but it’s a terrible sadness, because you realize that in the file, there are things that you cannot see, and you have to see them all the same. There is in particular a testament video that Maëlle made just before taking this final act, in which she explains the reason why life had become totally impossible for her, and she also asks to share this video. I believe that it is ‘was very illustrative of the fact that she was the victim of harassment for over a year, in two different schools, and she could not overcome it, she wants it not to happen again.

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