Sule Nikahi Nathalie Holscher, 75 Gram Gold and IDR 200 Million

BEKASI, – Good news from comedians Close who is officially married to Nathalie Holscher.

Through a marriage contract held at Tsamara Resto, Sule proposed to Nathalie Holscher to be his life companion with a dowry in the form of gold weighing 75 grams, IDR 200 million, and a set of prayer tools.

“I accept the marriage and the marriage of Nathalia Holscher bint Mister Lian Tomana with the dowry paid in cash,” said Sule ending with shouting as a sign of happiness.

In the marriage contract that was broadcast on the YouTube channel Rans Entertainment and ANTV, it was seen that the event was held with the concept of a Garden Party.

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Raffi Ahmad, Andre Taulany, and Nagita Slavina as hosts revealed that Sule was indeed tense before the consent granted.

“Ngafalin the contract is difficult because (his name) is Dutch-Dutch. He is also excited because live this, “said Raffi Ahmad.

It is known, Sule and Nathalie Holscher first met in 2012.

However, at that time Sule was still Lina Jubaedah’s husband.

Until finally, the two of them met again and finally got close in mid-2020.

The closeness of Sule and Nathalie Holscher started from creating YouTube content together.

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Then, it didn’t take long for Sule to believe that Nathalie Holscher was the right woman to be his life companion.

Before marrying Nathalie Holscher, Sule was married to the late Lina Jubaedah.

Unfortunately, Sule and Lina Jubaedah’s marriage ran aground in 2018.

From his marriage to Lina Jubaedah, Sule was blessed with four children, Rizky Febian, Putri Delina, Rizwan, and Ferdinand.

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