Suleimani’s holiness is now being questioned

After Washington’s murder of the former Quds Force commander, Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, the desires and interests of the Arab Shiites in the Middle East are under the microscope. Have you shifted your slogans of protest from the opposition to Iran to the condemnation of the United States?

Americans should not assume that wide-angle images of the Shiite protests in Iran calling for the overthrow of Great Satan reflect the Shiite sentiment in Arab societies. In Yemen, the death of Suleiman in the south sparked euphoria, although leaders of the Houthi militia have reportedly arrested critics who questioned Tehran’s party line of Suleimani’s holiness. In Lebanon, the Shiites mourn in the southern suburbs of Beirut while other Shiites celebrate. In the Syrian province of Idlib, the site of the battlefields orchestrated by Suleimani, people distributed sweets to celebrate his death.

Even in Iraq, the scene of the murder of the United States and its flagrant violation of Iraqi sovereignty, the Shiite leaders are cautious of mixed statements on the Arab street. Videos of Iraqi post-attack celebrations have been put online. And Shiite-led protesters returned to Tahrir Square in Baghdad, unlike the Shiite-led Iraqi government. The death of Suleiman has not changed the minds of the Shiite demonstrators who have been on the streets since October – even if they are often confused with those supported by Iran and storming the US embassy compound in the Green Zone. Her desire focuses on Iraqi nationalism and the determination to get all foreign forces out of their country.

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