Sulfur artist Piotr Pavlenski under investigation for “gun violence”

He is the man through whom the scandal happened. Whoever claims to have broadcast intimate videos of Benjamin Griveaux, causing the withdrawal of the latter from the race for mayor of Paris, because “the political leaders must be honest”, he explained to LCI. According to information from Mediapart, confirmed by AFP, the Russian artist is however in the viewfinder of French justice. Blamed for facts which would have occurred on the night of Christmas Eve in an apartment in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, he is indeed targeted by an investigation for “violence with a weapon”.

According to a participant in the evening requested by AFP, a brawl opposed several people to Piotr Pavlenski, who would have seized a knife in the kitchen. “He says he took it because he had ten people around him and then released him. They say they were attacked with a knife,” added the guest. According to Mediapart, two guests were injured with this weapon, one in the thigh, the other in the face.

“A bottle was broken on the head” of Mr. Pavlenski and he was in “dirty condition”, said, in parallel, another source told AFP … The lawyer and essayist Juan Branco, who said having “advised” Piotr Pavlenski on the video behind Benjamin Griveaux’s withdrawal, was also present at this New Years Eve party. It was he who, Mediapart still relates, would then have expelled the guests from the apartment, and allowed the Russian artist to flee before the arrival of the police.


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