Sulis Crying, Iis Dahlia Emotionally Argues with Pasha Ungu Until He Leave the Stage

PR TASIKMALAYA – For the umpteenth time, Iis Dahlia back into the public spotlight.

This time, Iis Dahlia emotions until leaving the stage when debate with Pasha Purple.

Iis Dahlia is known emotions the General Pasha who was also a judge at the event Voice Of Ramadhan, Thursday, 29 April 2021.

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In the event there are four jurors namely Iis Dahlia, Pasha Purple, Sulis, and Ustad Erick Yusuf.

When judging, Iis Dahlia debate with Pasha Purple because trying to discuss who will qualify for the next round.

Pasha Purple, Sulis, and Ustad Erick Yusuf chose to pass the two contestants, however Iis Dahlia still wants only one contestant to pass.

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Adah from Tanggerang and Dika from Cianjur who were cold were passed by the three judges, however Iis Dahlia just wanted to get Adah out.

Pasha Purple took the decision to pass both of them because if he chose one, Iis wanted to pass Adah and Sulis want to get Dika out.


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