Sultan of Oman urges no increase in fuel prices; Additional costs will be borne by the government Oman | Fuel Price | Gulf News | News from Middle East

Sultan’s order to stabilize fuel prices in Oman. The sultan issued the order at a cabinet meeting at the Al Baraka Palace to promote government employees and reduce various government service charges.

Vehicle fuel prices will not increase in Oman until the end of next year. The order states that the average price of fuel in October 2021 should be adjusted. Petrol and diesel prices should not be higher than in October. The government will bear the additional cost in this regard.

The sultan also ordered the promotion of government employees. Employees who entered government service in 2011 will be eligible for seniority benefits. The promotion of this category will be implemented from next year. Evaluate the performance of government agencies and ensure better services. Assessments will be conducted in institutions as part of improving performance.

Sultan Haitham bin Tariq also ordered a reduction in the rates of various government services. This will reduce the cost of more than 500 services. The Ministry of Finance has announced that the order will come into effect from January 1, 2022 and rates will be reduced. Rates range from 17 per cent to 96 per cent for different categories. The ministry will publish the new rates on its website.


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