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PLUS BELLE LA VIE – France 3 is broadcasting a new episode of Plus belle la vie from Monday to Friday at 8:20 pm. Find the summary in advance of episode 4052, broadcast this Tuesday June 30, 2020 at 8:20 pm on France 3.

[Mis à jour le 30 juin 2020 à 15h34] Plus belle la vie is back with unreleased episodes since Monday June 29, 2020, after a two month break. Fans of the France 3 soap opera can therefore find the following intrigue around the inhabitants of the Mistral from Monday to Friday, at 8:20 p.m. This Tuesday, June 30, the third channel broadcasts episode 4052 of the series, which we offer a summary in this article. If you want to wait for the episode to be broadcast on the third channel, be careful, the rest of the article contains spoilers. Be aware however that the episodes of the same evening are to be discovered exclusively on the official site of Plus belle la vie and on the site of France TV.

This Tuesday, June 30, 2020, in episode 4052 of Plus belle la vie, Pavel is transferred to Baumettes prison, refusing to flee with his daughter Irina. While Luna tries to help her, Andrès does everything to push her out of her life, going so far as to tell him that he used her as a cover. In prison, Pavel imposes his law to survive, while the gang war rages in Marseille to resume his traffic. In parallel with this intrigue, Lougane confronts Samia about the message she posted on social networks, accusing Barrault of being behind the rumor about S files which attack teachers. The politician accuses his first assistant of having no evidence and threatens to “pay the consequences”. Later, Jean-Paul offers Samia to help him torpedo the rumor by stopping the slap that attacks the teachers of the school. This rumor takes her so much into her head that Samia forgets that she was to have dinner the same day with Hadrian’s mother. The meeting is tense, since Marie-Christine, her mother-in-law, despises the origins and educational background of Samia.

During this episode of Most Beautiful Life, Rochat, Léo and Franck celebrate the end of Jimmy Moon’s coaching at the Mistral, but Leo is resigned, convinced that he will remain single all his life. To help his friend, Franck sets out to follow in the footsteps of Nathalie, the mysterious stranger on whom the policeman flashed. However, Franck and Rochat will find the mysterious stranger alongside a man, whom she seems very close to. In parallel with these intrigues, Barbara returns without warning to the roommate.

Plus Belle la vie – program info

Viewers eager to know the sequel to Plus belle la vie can discover the episodes in advance. Every morning, the episode broadcast the same evening is put online, on the official website of Plus belle la vie, but also on France TV. The next episodes are also available for rent on the MyCanal site, for 0.99 € per episode. It is also possible to buy them at a price of € 1.49. The next three episodes are available for rent. The opportunity to discover the next events of the France 3 soap in advance!

The producers of Plus belle la vie try to keep viewers entertained every night with serial twists in their characters. And they understood the interest of revealing certain scenes in advance. Short spoiler videos are thus offered, often several days before their broadcast, on the series’ official website. There are many extracts from Plus belle la vie en avant, in particular in the “Indiscretions” section (see here). Please note, the passages below contain important spoilers on the sequel to Plus belle la vie.

It is not always easy to be present in front of your television set every day at 8:20 p.m. to discover the new adventures of the inhabitants of the Mistral or even Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1. But do not worry, France 3 has thought of everything: fans of Plus belle la vie can discover online the morning of the episode which will be broadcast a few hours later, at 8:20 pm the same day. You just have to connect to the official website of Plus belle la vie or to that of France Télévision. In addition, fans can catch up thanks to the replay of episodes on these two platforms. Note that the episodes remain available for 6 days on the site. In addition, the streaming of episodes is also available on smartphones, computers and also tablets.

The general plot of Plus belle la vie is difficult to summarize as the series has evolved since its first season in 2004. Plus belle la vie follows the daily life of a group of characters linked by a common point, the Mistral, imaginary district of Marseille in which they meet and tell their stories. Two types of intrigue have intersected each evening for many seasons already: intrigues retracing everyday social and societal issues and police intrigues ranging from the search for a serial killer to the fight against the mafia or terrorism. Plus belle la vie has grown accustomed to being inspired by current events with many references to real events or to various facts over the episodes.

The actors and actresses of Plus belle la vie change with the seasons. However, familiar faces continue to roam the Mistral. In the casting, we notably find Laurent Kerusoré in the role of Thomas Marci, Stéphane Henon who plays Jean-Paul Boher or even Anne Décis in the role of Luna Torres. Other well-known actors in the series include Rebecca Hampton (Céline Frémont), Alexandre Fabre (Charles Frémont), Sylvie Flepp (Mirta Torres), Fabienne Carat (Samia Nassri), Jérôme Bertin (Patrick Nebout), Marwan Berreni ( Abdel Fedala), Pauline Bresson (Emma) or Pierre Martot (Léo Castelli). Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main actors and actresses still on screen in Plus belle la vie:

  • Marwan Berreni: Abdel Fedala
  • Jérôme Bertin: Patrick Nebout
  • Theo Bertrand: Kevin Belesta
  • Pauline Bression : Emma Rimez
  • Fabienne Carat: Samia Nassri
  • Jean-Charles Chagachbanian: Franck Ruiz
  • Michel Cordes: Roland Marci
  • Anne Decis: Luna Torres
  • Serge Dupire: Vincent Chaumette
  • Alexandre Fabre: Charles Frémont
  • Sylvie Flepp : Mirta Torres
  • Léa François: Barbara Évenot
  • Rebecca Hampton: Céline Frémont
  • Stéphane Henon: Jean-Paul Boher
  • Cécilia Hornus: Blanche Marci
  • Laurent Kerusoré: Thomas Marci
  • Léa Kerel: Thérèse Marci
  • Joakim Latzko : Gabriel Riva
  • Avy Marciano : Sacha Malkavian
  • Pierre Martot: Leo Castelli
  • Flavie Péan: Victoire Lissajoux
  • Caroline Riou: Laetitia Belesta
  • Myra Tyliann : Alison Valle

Plus belle la vie – on the TV program from Monday to Friday at 8:20 p.m. on France 3


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