Summary of the match Tigres vs Pachuca (4-1)

tigers continues adding in the Clausura 2023, after thrashing Santos 3-0, now The humiliated was the Mexican soccer champion, the Pachucaby a score of 4-1.

tubes He came from a streak of six wins, in addition to having thrashed his last three rivals (Stripes, Toluca and Puebla), scoring five goals for all of them, but again he ran into a wall against the cats, the last enemy that had been able to defeat them.

Also, Nico Ibanez no longer participated with Tuzosbecause it is already a new reinforcement of the auriazules, in such a way that it did not even arrive with the people of Hidalgo at the University Stadium.

Pachuca started winning

As soon as the match started, Andre Pierre Gignac had a ball at the far post, in which he closed with a header and narrowly surprised Tuzos at minute one, but Oscar Ustari attentive kept the ball.

In minute 5, Pachuca responded and almost opened the scoring, when Kevin Alvarez yielded to the center of the area to Roberto de la Rosawho tried to define before the departure of Nahuel Guzmanbut the Patón managed to take the ball from him.

At minute 9 the goal of the Hidalguenses arrived, from the right Aviles Hurtado sent the ball to the far post, where Miguel Tapias he accommodated the ball to the chofis lopez who entered from the other side, throwing himself with a popcorn to push the 1-0.

Gignac came close to matching the cards on a free kick, close to the edges, but again Ustari came flying in to save that powerful shot.

A controversy occurred at 16′, Chávez stepped on Fernando Gorriarán within the area; The play was checked in the VAR and the Mexican team first hit the ball, so nothing was scored.

Tigres equalized with a goal from Gorriarán at 33′, in a play in which Gignac yielded to the left to javier aquino and this one to From Riowho from the left wing sends the ball to the second post, where the feline reinforcement rises to head a chopped, close to the post for 1-1.

Gignac added his second goal

Jesus Garza he added up front with crosses into the area and at 55′ he was able to send a ball from the right, perfect for Gignac to push with a low shot, beating Ustari without a problem for 2-1.

At 58′ the Frenchman almost scored a great goal, he took advantage of a filtered pass in which he was left alone with his marker and the goalkeeper, and he was able to beat them both, but his shot went just over one side of the goal.

Gignac again sent a ball into the net, this at 70′, but it was canceled due to a previous advanced position Luis Quinoneswho was the one who started the play on the right.

Departure from Gorriarán

Not only with a goal, Gorriarán stole the ball a couple of times, one of them taking advantage of the fact that defender Kevin Álvarez fell, so he took the ball and from the left sent the low cross to Quiñones, who with his left foot pushed close to the grass for the 3-1 at 80′.

Gignac’s gift to Quiñones

At minute 87′, Quiñones stole the ball in three quarters of the field and Gignac took it despite the defender’s sweep, headed towards the goal and although he had to finish off and make his double, he preferred to wait for the Colombian, who came from the left to accompany him and signed that ball that Bomboro gave him for his second goal of the night, 4-1.

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