“Summer house of the stars” or: When only headache pills help

Scandal in the RTL show
“Summer house of the stars” or: When only headache pills help

“Summer house of the stars”: Again and again Lisha insults below the belt

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In the “summer house of the stars” things are going well again. The language lands well below the belt, the sympathies can hardly be found and only one thing helps the audience: medicine.

It would have been helpful if RTL had played a warning before the current episode of “Sommerhaus der Stars”: “You can only survive this show with a large dose of headache pills.” As an accomplished trash TV viewer, you have already seen a lot: How Desirée Nick attacked Claudia Obert in the spring, how Elena Miras pissed off her then boyfriend Mike Heiter or like Michael Wendler – at that time still without an aluminum hat – his girlfriend Laura Müller most of all grabbed.

“Summer house of the stars”: Lisha tactics against Eva

But what the “summer house of the stars” has to offer this autumn is really hard to bear for any decent person and one can only hope that it will have consequences for the participating candidates – especially for the Berlin rabble bride Lisha. But from the beginning.

The big enemy in Bocholt is still called Eva, but it has almost been forgotten why. And Lisha, who is now leading the anti-Eva campaign with her submissive followers, continues to try moderately functioning strategies. In the second game of the week, however, she is lucky. Together with Caro Robens and Michaela Scherer, she decides to hand over all the presumably difficult questions to Eva, while the men hang on ropes over a mud bath and have to hope that their friends answer as many questions as possible correctly. Otherwise they will fall into the dirty water.

Caro, Lisha and Michaela signal each other tactically clever when they know the answer to the questions and when not. In that case the question is passed on to Eva. Her plan works: Eva’s friend Chris is the first to fall, the two have lost. Lisha and her friend Lou, however, can save themselves in the end. And that, although the Berliner didn’t know that the Spree – and not the Rhine – flows through her hometown.

This season only deserved one winner

Eva, who suspected that a bad game was being played with her, is served at the end of the fight. And the Düsseldorf woman makes a fatal mistake: she lets herself go, cries, shows weakness, is offended. A found food for their enemies. Of course, Chris knows that too, and tries to calm her down.

In this absurdly gruesome season of the reality show, there is only one worthy winner: Chris and his nerves of steel. How the fitness fan bounces off everything that is said about himself and his girlfriend, even the most degrading insult, is actually admirable. But in the summer house no asterisks are given out for nerves from wire ropes. Unfortunately.

Insults below the belt

In the evening the prosecco flows and driven by the drink it comes to the showdown. Because Eva allegedly did not want to share the Prosecco with the rest of the group, Lisha’s friend Lou describes her as “anti-social”. “Lou said I was anti-social,” says Chris, whereupon Lisha becomes the HB male in the background. “He said that for fun,” she yells at her enemies. Swinging the reins of the return carriage, Diana and Michael scream that Lisha is anti-social.

So it goes back and forth. Insults come from Lisha’s direction in particular, which go so far below the belt that one almost wants to apologize to the mob queen Elena Miras, who was certified up to then. Eva is “a bitch”, a “bastard”, a “little ugly rat” – just three examples, we prefer to leave out the bad ones at this point.

Antisocial people do antisocial things

Andreas and Caro Robens are also a bit perplexed. The bodybuilder has now heard enough from Berlin. “It’s too one-sided for me, it’s not proper, I don’t go along with it,” he says to his wife, who had previously followed Lisha every step of the way.

As a viewer, you can only summarize this episode with one insight: anti-social people do anti-social things – and now please bring the headache pills.

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