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Osaka Toin will face Shimonoseki International in the quarterfinals

The 11th day of the 104th National High School Baseball Championship was held at Hanshin Koshien Stadium on the 16th, and in the 4th game, this spring’s selection champion, Osaka Toin, won 4-0 against Nimatsu Gakusha University (East Tokyo). victory. With this, a total of 8 games in the 3rd round were completed, and the 8 strong were completed.

In the first inning, Osaka Toin opened the scoring with two consecutive hits by infielder Kazuki Maruyama (3rd year) and outfielder Yudai Ebine (3rd year). In the second inning, catcher Shion Matsuo (3rd year) scored an additional point with a sacrifice flight. In the 4th inning, he scored the 4th point with a wild pitch. The starting pitcher, Tsugutaka Kawahara (3rd year), also closed out the ninth inning.

As a result of the lottery, it was decided that Osaka Toin will face Shimonoseki International (Yamaguchi) in the 3rd match of the quarterfinals on the 18th. Koshien finished the 11th day of the tournament, and now the 8 strong have appeared. The 17th will be a rest day, and the quarterfinals will be played on the 18th. In the second game, Omi (Shiga), led by ace pitcher Yosho Yamada (3rd year), will play against Takamatsusho (Kagawa), who has a notable slugger, Shogo Asano outfielder.

[Table]Osaka Toin will face Shimonoseki International, Takamatsusho/Asano vs. Omi/Yamada also expected Koshien quarterfinals

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