Summer tourism struggles with a massive decline in overnight stays – Coronavirus Vienna

Around a third fewer overnight stays have been registered since the beginning of the year.

Around a third fewer overnight stays have been registered since the beginning of the year.
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Compared to the previous year, summer tourism started the season with a massive drop in overnight stays due to the corona.

In May, the tourism industry recorded a drop in overnight stays of 89.9 percent, Statistics Austria announced on Monday. With 756,000 overnight stays, 6.77 million fewer were reported in May than in the same month of the previous year.

Corona lockdown ensures total failure in tourism

Border closures and plant closures due to the pandemic were responsible for the decline, according to the statistics. Since the middle of March, these had virtually caused a total failure in tourism. Accommodation companies have been open again since May 29, which is why the decline in the past month was not quite as pronounced as in the previous month of April (minus 97 percent).

Since the beginning of the year, the number of overnight stays has dropped by around a third (32.6 percent) to 42.98 million, Statistics Austria writes. The corona-related loss of overnight stays by the end of May 2020 amounted to 21 million.

Big minus for German visitors

From January to May, there was a greater decline in overnight stays among domestic guests at minus 41.2 percent than among foreign guests (minus 30.0 percent). Above all, guests from Switzerland and Liechtenstein (minus 35.7 percent) and Great Britain (minus 34.3 percent) did not come from abroad. According to the statistics, 29.4 percent fewer guests came from Germany.

In May alone, domestic tourism recorded a minus of 97.3 percent among German visitors. 93.1 percent fewer guests from Austria also stayed in Austria. Overall, the number of foreign guests declined by 96 percent in the past month, while by 80.5 percent fewer guests from the country stayed in the accommodation establishments.


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