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Perhaps because the Suns’ past record is relatively low-key, but in the past year, Suns boss Robert Sarver can be said to have once again surfaced, but this time, the turning point may be too great, and the time he left the NBA has begun to count down.

According to various sources, the NBA is preparing to sue the Sun boss Sarver. The reason is that many clear evidences show that Sarver has indeed committed three major crimes of sex discrimination, racial discrimination, and sexual harassment. Once the accusation is established, the league has a very high chance of being able to do so. Forcing Sarver to be replaced, ending his days of having the sun.

Sarver was born in Tucson, Arizona in 1961 and graduated from the local University of Arizona. As the son of a businessman, he immediately joined the banking industry after graduating from university. At the age of 23, he established the Tucson National Bank and expanded his territory during his operation. He also changed the name of the bank to the National Bank of Arizona. In 1994, when the bank grew to become the largest in the state, he successfully sold it. Later, he handled the trade of several banks, which greatly increased his assets and value, although he never had. Athlete experience, but in a meeting with his alma mater, University of Arizona men’s basketball coach Lute Olson, Olson urged him to meet with Steve Kerr, an alumnus of the University of Arizona and a retired NBA player, and that he finally helped Sarver earn about 400 million yuan in 2004. Price bought the sun and became the owner of the sun ever since.

Soon after Sarver bought the Suns, the Suns led by the three cores of Steve Nash, Shawn Marion, and Amare Stoudemire to pull down the trend of the “MSN Connection” era, and jumped to one of the league’s best and most enjoyable teams in one fell swoop. However, Sarver’s own business model has been questioned. At the same time, his stingy is often criticized in the league. Two rumors circulating in the industry. One is that the league has discussed raising referees’ pay, but there are 30 teams in the league. The owners of the two teams voted against it, and Sarver is one of them. The other is that when general referees blow referees across the United States, the tacit understanding is that the home team provides food, but Sarver suggested that the league should prohibit this behavior. No wonder Sarver has always been among the top three “worst bosses” not only in anonymous voting in recent years, but there are even industry referees who dislike the sound of the sun.

In the past year, because the Suns have soared after buying Chris Paul, they finally lost to the Bucks in the 2021 championship game. This allowed Sarver to get a huge income during the playoffs. Therefore, at the end of the season, Zeng In the interview, it was revealed that he was willing to pay the luxury tax. This is an event that has not occurred in the ten years when the Suns missed the playoffs. It was only after the season that the Suns renewed the contract with Mikal Bridges and Landry Shamet, who had just been traded. However, the renewal discussion of head center Deandre Ayton hit the rock. As Sarver was resolutely unwilling to pay the five-year maximum salary required by Ayton, the two teams determined that they could not reach a consensus before the deadline. Sarver’s previously questioned business method was once again released. Discuss on the table.

Only this time, according to the NBA’s official decision to take action and reports from various media groups, Sarver may have really violated the three rules of heaven this time. In recent years, gender issues and racial issues are events that the league attaches very Touching any one of them is likely to make you lose your job, not just the players, but everyone involved. For example, in 2014, Clippers owner Donald Sterling was banned from the NBA for life because of racial discrimination, and he was even forced to force him later. For the sale of the team, if Sarver is determined to be guilty of racial discrimination, sex discrimination and sexual harassment after the lawsuit, compared with the aforementioned case, it is likely that he will have to get rid of after 17 years of holding the sun.

At the beginning, Sarver bought the Suns for about 400 million, but now the market value of the Suns has soared to about 1.8 billion (about 50.1 billion Taiwan dollars), so even if you urgently ask for sales because of this kind of emergency, I believe it will not be difficult to find a buy. The family took over. Through the team’s official social media, the Suns’ executives made a statement on the matter. Sarver said he refused to accept any false allusions made to him by all walks of life, but if he enters the lawsuit, the decision in the court decides everything.

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