Sunil Gavaskar | ‘Wife kept hope; Now it’s Hetmeyer’s turn ‘; Gavaskar in air over controversial remarks!

Fans protest against commentator and former Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar for making a bad remark against Rajasthan cricketer Shimron Hetmeyer during a commentary on the Rajasthan Royals-Chennai Super Kings match in the IPL. Gavaskar has been widely criticized on social media by a number of fans.

Hetmeyer took a break from the IPL and returned to his hometown of Guyana last week in connection with his wife’s birth. The baby was born on May 10 to Hetmeyer and his wife Nirvani. After spending a few days with the baby and his wife, the player returned and joined the Rajasthan Royals. Jaiswal, who won the crucial match against Chennai, was dropped from the squad. Gavaskar’s mention came at the time. ‘Hetmeyer’s wife kept hope, it remains to be seen whether Hetmeyer will keep Rajasthan’s hope.’

But the fans did not like Gavaskar’s remark. Such a remark against a player who showed so much sincerity for the team, even at one of the most important moments of his life and the time he should have with his baby and wife, has led to criticism from fans.

Many people had come out with posts on social media against the former star. A group of fans also came out demanding action against Gavaskar for making such bad comments against women.

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Meanwhile, the Rajasthan Royals, who thrashed the Chennai Super Kings by five wickets in the decisive match, advanced to the playoffs this season. Rajasthan openers Yashwasi Jaiswal (59) and Ravichandran Ashwin (40) put on 151 for the loss of five wickets in 19.4 overs. Hetmeyer, however, managed just six runs in the match.

With the win, Rajasthan entered the playoffs in second place with 18 points. Rajasthan’s opponents in the playoffs are the Gujarat Titans. The two will meet in the first play-off match on May 24.

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