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In a press release on Thursday, FIFA and the six confederations reiterated their opposition to the creation of a firm European Super League. The international body threatens potential participants with sanctions.

FIFA opposes firm European Super League

In recent years, the creation of a strong European Super League has come back like a real sea serpent. The most powerful European clubs, Juventus Turin and Real Madrid in the lead, wish to create a new competition in which the best would compete against each other. teams, with the objective of generating even greater income than those of the Champions League.

FIFA opposes the project

This competition is for the moment only in the planning stage. But discussions between the big European clubs are continuing behind the scenes and the former Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu had indicated in October that FC Barcelona had agreed to participate in a future European Super League. The threat is therefore taken seriously by the authorities.

So much so that FIFA and the six confederations, including UEFA, on Thursday recalled their opposition to this project. Following recent speculations relayed by the media as to the creation of a closed European “Super League” by certain European clubs, FIFA and the six confederations (AFC, CAF, Concacaf, CONMEBOL, OFC and UEFA) wish to acknowledge and emphasize without ambiguous that such a competition would be recognized neither by FIFA nor by the confederation concerned , can we read in a press release published by FIFA.

Participants will be banned from the World Cup or Euro!

As a result, any club or player playing such a competition would be refused the right to participate in any competition organized by FIFA or its confederation. , continues the international body. In other words, a player who would participate in this competition would then be excluded from major international tournaments, such as the World Cup, the Euro, the Copa America or even the CAN! A shocking announcement that confirms the real fear of the authorities, UEFA in mind, concerning the creation of a Super League.

In addition, FIFA takes the opportunity to defend the Club World Cup: The confederations thus recognize the FIFA Club World Cup – in its current and new format – as the only world club competition and, for its part, FIFA recognizes the club competitions organized by the confederations as only continental interclub competitions. It is said.

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