Super Mario Bros × G-SHOCK! Retro Mario’s cute collaboration model “DW-5600SMB-4JR”! – funglr Games

There are many products that Japan boasts to the world, the most famous of which is the Casio watch “G-SHOCK”. rn”G-SHOCK” will celebrate its 40th anniversary in April 2023, but there are really a lot of collections, from simple to rough, chic to pop, and many colors besides solid. Because there are various designs, it can be said that there is always one for everyone. rnThere are countless original models and designs, but the simple design of the standard model can match any design, so various collaborative models have been released. rnMost of the co-op modes are limited in number, so each release will be a competition, but I feel that the next co-op mode will also be quite a competition. rnThis is also a collaboration model with the super masterpiece “Super Mario Bros.” loved all over the world!

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