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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Super Monkey Ball”, SEGA will launch “Taste It Now!” on October 7th. Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2 Remastered Edition, a complete remake of “Super Monkey Ball”, “Super Monkey Ball 2” and “Super Monkey Ball Deluxe”, this time we were the first to experience part of the official version.

If you have a little knowledge of SEGA, you know that the most popular producer of SEGA today is the chief supervisor of the “Dragon in Man” series named Yue Minyang, but what many people don’t know is that before “Dragon in Man”, Ming Yue It was “Super Monkey Ball” that Minyang delivered beautiful results, and it is precisely because of these previous achievements that Nagoshi was able to persuade SEGA executives to develop “Dragon in Man”, which seems to be quite restricted in the market.

Now taste the taste! Super Monkey Ball 1_2 Remake _20210915161651

“Super Monkey Ball” was originally an arcade game, and the home console platform that was later on board was Gamecube. Perhaps because of the platform relationship at that time, many players did not have access to this game. However, in the world, “Super Monkey Ball” has won high-selling works.

The gameplay and rules of “Super Monkey Ball” are quite simple. The general clearance system is adopted. The goal of each level is the same, that is, the monkey rolling in the ball to let it pass the end point. There is no complicated operation, and even the analogy arrow key on one side is required. You can play, it’s a super intuitive adventure game.

Now taste the taste! Super Monkey Ball 1_2 Remake _20210915161813

Just looking at the pictures and promotional videos, many people will want to say that this is definitely a very simple work for children to play with. But if you think about it this way, you must have been fooled by the cute monkey appearance. From a current point of view, “Super Monkey Ball” is a very difficult work, and it can even be said to be a little ghostly work.

Fortunately, for handicapped players, there is an “assistance mode”, in which the time limit is doubled, and the end point will be guided, and the slow motion function can also be used.

Now taste the taste! Super Monkey Ball 1_2 Remake _20210915163108

In addition, there are the “Golden Banana Mode” where you can get all bananas within the challenge time limit, the “Dark Banana Mode” where you need to get out of all the bananas, and the “Retrograde Mode” where the starting point and the end point are swapped, so it is playable. The upper level is really quite high.

The reason lies in the spherical inertia and level design in the game. Instead of operating the monkey ball, you are actually operating the horizontal axis of the entire scene to make the monkey ball roll. The level design can quickly experience the difficulty. Many level maps have no boundaries, even bounce, rotate, and roll. The ball will roll out of the boundary with a slight operation error. This time there are more than 300 levels. It is not easy to pass the level. .

Now taste the taste! Super Monkey Ball 1_2 Remake _20210915163119

This remake also includes a large number of character DLC, many well-known characters from SEGA have participated in the battle, such as “Sonic Boy” Sonic, Tars, “Dragon in Man” Kiryu Ichima, “Persona 5 “Morgana. In addition, there are also some foreign cooperating characters, such as Hello Kitty, “Monzo” of “Monster Farm”, and “Kid” of “Jet Set Radio” will all participate in the battle.

Now taste the taste! Super Monkey Ball 1_2 Remake _20210915165333

In addition to the very difficult single player mode, there are also 12 party games that can be played by up to 4 people, such as racing, tennis, and football. These parties are fairly good gameplay, and are much closer to the people than the mainline ghosts and animals, so “Super Monkey Ball” is actually very suitable for family players. The only pity is that the aforementioned cooperative characters cannot be used.

Now taste the taste! Super Monkey Ball 1_2 Remake _20210915164130

“Now taste the taste! “Super Monkey Ball 1&2 Remake” is expected to be released on PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam on October 7.


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