Super Nintendo World delays opening due to coronavirus

Super Nintendo World is the amusement park that brings the Champin Kingdom of Nintendo. It was planned to open its doors this very February 4th, with its official website already underway to detail ticket prices and information of some attractions. However, since Universal Studios Japan have made the decision to postpone this moment because of the coronavirus pandemic, which continues to be installed in Japan, Spain and other parts of the world.

Super Nintendo World its inauguration delayed by COVID-19

“Super Nintendo World Grand Opening Has Been Postponed”, can be read in the official website from Universal Studios Japan. “We will announce the new opening date after the state of emergency is lifted in Osaka prefecture.” It should be noted that this is not the first time the park opening has been delayed. In the first moment, summer 2020 had been set as the moment for the facilities to receive their first visitors. Due to the state of emergency last year, I also this moment had to be postponed.

Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases in Japan, on the day of yesterday a state of emergency was declared for Osaka and the adjacent prefectures. This decision comes just a week after the decisions were made. same measurements for the Tokyo metropolitan area, and after it has been discovered a new variant of the virus at Haneda airport. This state of emergency in Osaka will be in effect until February 7th, those who fall expect that the situation is more favorable and Universal Studios Japan may announce another date.

“Super Nintendo World Grand Opening Has Been Postponed”

Both Nintendo and Universal Studios assured that Super Nintendo World is a safe environment both for visitors and for the team of workers. At the time they indicated that they are working at 50% of its capacity, and they hoped that their model would become an example for the rest of the parks. However, the circumstances have not been sufficiently conducive to allow the opening of an amusement park. The facilities of Disney have also suffered the consequences of the pandemic, estimating its losses in more than one billion euros.


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