Super sunday busy schedules for sports lover trending india pakistan match simultaneously face elclassico these are other major todays major sports events | Super Sunday: India vs Pakistan for cricket fans, El-Classico for football fans, Manchester United vs Liverpool, Sports fans in total confusion


When India and Pakistan clash, they can be described as the epitome of cricket. This is the first time in three years that the two rival teams have met. The match will be played in Dubai tonight at 7.30 pm Indian time. It airs on Star Sports and Hotstar. Image Courtesy: T20 World Cup Twitter


Despite not having superstars, El Cl ക്sico is always one of the most beautiful football battles. This is Messi’s first El Cl ക്ലാസsico match since leaving Barcelona. The match will be played at 7.45 pm Indian time at Barcelona’s home ground, Camp Nou.


Manchester United’s Liverpool clash in the English Premier League today. The Devils are coming down against Liverpool today with the goal of regaining the lost glory of United through Cristiano. The match will be played at Old Trafford at 9 pm Indian time. It airs on Star Sports and Hotstar.


Juventus are aiming to teach Inter Milan a lesson by snatching the trophy from them. The match will be played at 12.15 pm Indian time today


Just think of it as a joke. But in fact, today is one of the busiest matches in League One. Messi, Neymar and Umbappa will face star PSG Olympic Marseille. If you ask me which of these washes, when the two teams clashed last season, it was one goal, 5 red cards and 14 yellow cards. The rest can be seen on the field today


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