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The Last of Us (The Last of Us), which was exclusively launched on the PlayStation 3 platform in 2013, has been one of the most popular game works of the developer Naughty Dog Studio. This work has also become the second fan of the game in the past eight years. The source of inspiration. There was a group of fans and industry workers who worked together to create a “The Last of Us” self-made film and named it “Stay”. After it was put on the YouTube video platform last week, it has received a warm response.

In this film, although the original protagonist Allie appears in the game, she can only do interspersed actions at the beginning and the end. The real protagonists are the original characters Sean and Emily. The story is set in the last of the last days. In the Santa Monica area of ​​California, the story tells the process of the couple in the apocalyptic adventure searching for biological resources for survival. There are sweet scenes of playing on the barren riverbank, and there are also critical scenes of avoiding infected people in abandoned houses.

While stepping on the roof, Emily accidentally fell into a house and was attacked by a “sound follower” whose special makeup on his face was absolutely top-notch. After Sean came to the rescue, the two fled into another hut, only to find that Emily had been infected. Emily asked Sean to shoot herself to protect herself in grief, but the latter couldn’t get it off after all. Breaking through the door, the two embraced each other to death, and then became the remains of the infected person that the player saw in the game attached to the wall with the mutant fungus.

The video uploader “Joshhua Toonen” said that this film was produced by a team of video workers, visual effects artists, and a group of game enthusiasts. He also thanked everyone who participated in the production for allowing this film to be presented in In front of everyone.

He also reiterated that this fan-made “Stay” does not have any profit, nor is it an official film certified by Naughty Dog. It is simply made by about 40 “The Last of Us” fans and designers. .

The original game of “The Last of Us” is about the apocalyptic infection of Cordyceps mutations in the United States and bloodthirsty infections. After the loss of his daughter, Joel became an unscrupulous stowak for survival and helped the anti-government in an accident. Organize Firefly to escort the little girl Ellie, who is immune to the virus, on a road adventure to survive.

“The Last of Us” has also been officially announced a few days ago that it will be remade into a live-action TV series, released by HBO, and invited to “Nuclear Homeland” screenwriter Craig Mazin and Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann to adapt the script together. According to people familiar with the matter, the filming budget for the show is quite abundant, with more than eight figures (approximately US$10 million) for each episode. Ten episodes are expected to be included in the first season.

Fans pay tribute to the “The Last of Us” self-made short film “Stay” without any profit, nor is it an official film certified by Naughty Dog. It is simply made by about 40 “The Last of Us” fans and designers.Picture: Retrieved from Joshhua Toonen YouTube channel


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