“Supermustache”, the cartoon that shows Maduro as a superhero who faces the United States.


2 dic 2021 21:59 GMT

The particular animation shows a villain inside the Oval Office of the White House.

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, is once again at the center of the controversy by appearing on the television screen as the protagonist, but this time not because of his statements, but for inspiring a cartoon showing him as a superhero.

In the comic, Maduro is presented as “Superbigote”, a superhero who faces the attacks planned by a villain, along with a couple of henchmen, who do everything possible to overthrow the Venezuelan government.

The cartoon, which began airing this week on state television VTV, narrates in its first chapter the attack executed in 2019 against the Venezuelan electricity system, which generated a general blackout and left the population without service for days.

The episode begins with the call made by the boss of the villains –a white man with a yellow pompadour– from the Oval Office of the White House to his “henchmen”, to claim that they have not been able to “bring down” Maduro successfully. The antagonists of the series seem inspired by Venezuelan opposition politicians such as Julio Borges and Henry Ramos Allup.


The first episode of the cartoon airs recurrently on VTV. Its dissemination has generated various reactions on social networks, where users express support, rejection and, for the most part, make humorous comments.

One of the users jokingly commented that the superheroes of the Hall of Justice would have met urgently to issue an executive order to declare Supermustache as unusual threat“, alluding to the sanctions that have been imposed by the US against the country since 2015.

Another person said that to beat Supermustache they had “cryptorevocatonite 2022”, in reference to the recall process established in the Constitution and that the opposition could activate next year, to decide by electoral means if Maduro continues his mandate.

In one of the tweets, a user assured that the cartoon the “multiverse” will shake, in reference to the series of Marvel and DC comics; while another tweeter expressed that he had liked the animation and that there were still more chapters to go.

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