Superproject of Russian nuclear scientists for 50 million will move from Microsoft SharePoint to independent software


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The portal of the project aimed at achieving a new quality of Russian nuclear energy is moving from the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 platform to Russian or open source software. Migration and expansion of the functionality of the resource was estimated by the project curators at 51 million rubles.

Moving “Breakthrough”

As CNews found out, the curators of the Russian ambitious nuclear project Proryv are ready to spend 51 million rubles. to replace the software platform of its portal Microsoft SharePoint
for an import-independent solution. Information about this can be found on the website.
public procurement.

The website of the project says that it is being implemented by the state corporation “Rosatom” and is aimed at “achieving a new quality of nuclear energy, developing, creating and industrially implementing a closed nuclear fuel cycle (CFFC) based on fast neutron reactors developing large-scale nuclear energy.”

The mentioned amount is set as the initial maximum price of the contract in the migration tenderwhich was launched on June 30, 2022 in the format of an electronic competition, the participants of which can only be small and medium-sized businesses.

Applications from applicants are accepted until July 18, summing up is scheduled for July 20. The joint-stock company “Breakthrough” is the direct customer of the work. Work to be carried out in COD customer. Their front is designed for a period until May 26, 2023.

Portal of the nuclear project “Breakthrough” will refuse Microsoft software

As operating system domestic OS was chosen for the portal solution Astra Linux SE 1.6 (release “Smolensk“), as DBMSRussian
Postgres Pro Enterprise certified in FSTEC.

The information system of the portal will store and process information that does not contain information constituting state secret.

Project Features

As stated in the TOR, the developed portal should allow opening documents in doc formats, docx, xlsxlsx, pptpptx,.pdf.bmp.jpg,
.jpeg, .png.gif.tif, .tiff.avi.mpeg.mp3 without launching specialized applications and downloading files to the user’s computer. There must be a possibility joint work as part of a portal solution with documents, including the proposal of edits in texts, tables, presentations, to have the necessary functionality for reviewing and tracking changes in real time.

The portal solution should ensure the differentiation of rights to view, edit, comment and send documents, as well as make it possible to set a ban on copying information and printing documents. “The portal solution should provide tracking of the actions of the organization’s employees to control the documentation development process and prevent data leaks“, – stated in the terms of reference.

In addition to the migration itself, the future contract executor will have to integrate the Proryva portal with the customer’s information systems, as well as expand its functionality.

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The updated portal should include the sections “Handbook of employees” (data of employees indicating their positions and corporate contacts), “Orders and LNA” (local regulations, etc.), “4D models” (reproduction of existing models; their nature in the TOR not specified), “Patent Research”, etc.

In terms of integration, the portal should interact with
Microsoft Active Directory
(LDAP). Requires integration with “1C: ZUP”, with postal servers on the platform CommuniGate
and Microsoft Exchenge 2013.

It is also necessary to integrate the portal with the Closed Nuclear Fuel Cycle Simulation System (SIM-CFFC) built on the platform Dassault Systemes 3Dexperience and with information system engineering data management (ECMS).

“Requires integration with internal communication system
Trueconf in terms of embedding a module to ensure the possibility of broadcasting public seminars, meetings, etc. on the online video portal, ”is written in the TOR.

The scale of “Breakthrough”

The Breakthrough project is carried out within the framework of the federal target program New Generation Nuclear Energy Technologies for the period 2010-2015. and for the future until 2020.

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The purpose of work within the framework of the Breakthrough project area is the creation of nuclear energy complexes, including nuclear power plants (NPPs), facilities for the regeneration (processing) and refabrication of nuclear fuel, the preparation of all types of radioactive waste for final removal from the technological cycle for large-scale nuclear energy Russia.

Due to the achievements of Proryv, the initiators of the project expect to achieve the elimination of accidents at nuclear power plantrequiring evacuation, and even more so resettlement populationensuring the competitiveness of nuclear energy in comparison with alternative generation, primarily with combined cycle plants, but also sunny and wind farms, taking into account all costs
fuel cycles.

Nuclear and scientific centers, institutes, universities and other organizations: VNIINM, VNIIKhT, GNC Research InstituteSSC RF-IPPE, Ziomar engineering company, KBSM, Moscow polymetal plant, managing organizationScience and innovation”, “NCCP-engineering”, NIKIET, OKBM im. I. I. Afrikantova, Siberian Chemical Combine», TVELCentral Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering, OKB «Hydropress“,” Central Research Institute of KM “Prometheus””, IBRAE RASconcern “Rosenergoatom», «Sverdnihimmash», NPF “Pine” Machine building plantRFNC-VNIITF, RFNC-VNIIEF, Tomsk Polytechnic etc.

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