Supply: The drop in global prices for the metal of gold led to a decline in its price locally

Dr. Nagy Farag, Advisor to the Minister of Supply for Industry Affairs, said: goldthat gold reached unprecedented prices during the past two months, and there was a strong demand from buyers for gold pounds and bullion, because gold is a valuable stock and a safe haven for investment.

And “Faraj” added, during a phone call to the “Life Today” program, presented by the media, Lubna Assal, on the “Al-Hayat” channel, that there is a noticeable demand from citizens to buy gold during the last period, due to the fact that it is a safe investment, and he continued: “And I like to say It does not offend anyone.”

Farag stressed that gold is a very old metal that dates back to the era of the ancient Egyptians and has not been affected so far, and the global influences with the supply and demand process are what determine its price, but in the end it is a very safe value stock.

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