support for builders no longer unanimous in Germany

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Most parliamentary groups refuse to allow the taxpayer to finance a purchase premium when BMW, Volkswagen and Daimler are preparing to pay more than five billion euros in dividends.

The German brand Volkswagen.
The German brand Volkswagen. Michele Tantussi / REUTERS

In Berlin

Faced with the coronavirus crisis, the good old recipes, such as the scrappage bonus, are proving to be obsolete. A consensus seems to be emerging in Germany to find a more innovative aid program to revive a run-down automobile market. In April, the latter fell 61% over a year: only 120,840 new cars were registered, according to the federal agency KBA. That is a third less than during the worst month of the 2009 crisis. At the time, the government had offered a check for 2,500 euros for the purchase of any new vehicle to replace a model of at least 9 years of age. In two months, the envelope of 1.5 billion euros had been consumed, forcing the public authorities to an extension of 2 billion.

“This program will not be renewed”warned the Minister of Ecology Svenja Schulze before the Bundestag. On April 9, the auto industry discussed a new plan in the presence of Angela Merkel, the first conclusions of which should be known

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