Supreme Court authorizes Trump administration to execute woman, first in 70 years

The Supreme Court of the United States gave, on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, the green light for the first federal execution of a woman in nearly 70 years, which will be one of the last acts of the presidency of Donald Trump .

The High Court refused at midnight (05:00 GMT, 06:00 HB) final appeals filed by lawyers for Lisa Montgomery, 52, despite the disagreement of her three progressive magistrates.

Detained in a federal penitentiary in Terre-Haute, Indiana, she should therefore receive a lethal injection overnight.

Severe mental disorders

In 2004, she killed an eight-month-pregnant woman in order to steal her fetus.

Unable to have a new child, she spotted her victim, a dog breeder, on the internet and came to her home in Missouri under the pretext of buying her a terrier.

There, she had strangled her, had opened her womb, had taken the baby – who survived – before abandoning it in a pool of blood.

Without denying the seriousness of her crime, her lawyers stressed that she suffered from severe mental disorders, consequences of violence and gang rape suffered in her childhood.

Monday evening, a federal judge had ordered to suspend his execution, the time to assess his mental state. “Ms Montgomery is so far removed from reality that she cannot rationally understand the administration’s motive for her execution“, Judge Patrick Hanlon had estimated.

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An appeal court, seized by the Department of Justice, however, annulled this decision on Tuesday, and the Supreme Court, profoundly changed by Donald Trump, validated its decision.

The temple of American law, which had been seized of two other separate appeals, each time ruled in favor of the government lawyers.

A strong supporter of capital punishment, like his most conservative voters, Donald Trump has also ignored a request for clemency sent by the supporters of Lisa Montgomery.

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