Supreme Court dismisses Texas action against election result

In the USA the warehouse is moving Donald Trump after dozens of rejected complaints now right before the Supreme Courtto overturn the result of the lost presidential election. The Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, is suing four other states. In the lawsuit published on Tuesday, he called for the election results in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin to be invalidated. There the Democratic challenger Joe Biden had secured the victory against Trump. It is uncertain whether the Supreme Court in Washington will accept the lawsuit.

The reason given by Paxton was that the constitution had been violated in the four states – among other things because voters were not treated equally and there were irregularities.

In Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin, the total is 62 electoral votes – and the lawsuit is ultimately about taking Biden. Paxton wants electorates in these states either to be commissioned by local parliaments or not to be appointed in the first place.


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