surfers gauge the quality of the water



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K.Lbali, M.Michel, M.Labat, S.Estrade, R.Grillot

France 3

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Their passion is surfing. But before getting on the board, they equip themselves with sensors. This is an experiment to measure the chemical pollution of coasts during the summer.

This is not a usual surf session. Young people, who are preparing to play with the waves in Biarritz (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), are at the heart of a life-size scientific experiment. It is about measuring the pollution of bathing water. Surfers, equipped with sampler kits, will measure the chemical quality of these waters.

If we are interested in the chemical quality of these waters, it is because there is, for us, there is a real risk. We are aware, through the various monitoring campaigns of coastal water bodies, that there is the presence of chemical pollutants in the environment. We want to know if we are exposed, through our practice“, explains Rémi Sicco, of the Surf Rider Foundation. Scientifically, these are the laboratories of the University of Bordeaux (Gironde) who took over. This is a first test, the sampler kits are developed here. And, thus, quantify the presence of micropolluants and, thus, to be able to argue before the legislation.

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